Podere Còncori (Gallicano, LU)

The upper valley of the Serchio river, extending north of the city of Lucca, is the Garfagnana: a scenic region of steep hillsides and lush vegetation. Here, winemaking had been abandoned over the course of the 20th century, and when Gabriele da Prato decided to start Podere Còncori, he infused new life into a tradition that seemed lost.

The Garfagnana vineyards are the highest in Tuscany, and Gabriele’s biodynamic methods are perfectly suited to honor the distinctive characteristics of their terroir and climate. Instead of putting technology in between the winemaker and the vineyard, Gabriele relies on natural cycles and rhythms, with no filtering, no chemicals, no select starter yeasts. Visiting Podere Còncori, his vision, and this harmony of man and environment, could be seen in every detail.

This approach requires constant care and attention, but its risks are met with high rewards. Each vintage represents the best of what its unique story has to offer, and Gabriele’s wines are a pure expression of qualities brought out by hard work, passion, and commitment.

Challenge BiowinExpo 2017

We are proud to announce that all Italian winners of the BioWinExpo Challenge 2017, presented by Vinum, were submitted by us.
Our congratulations go to our amazing producers:

Podere Còncori, Bianco 2016 (Pinot blanc, Chenin blanc).

Fattoria di Magliano, Perenzo 2013 (Syrah).

Fattoria Colleverde, Greco delle Gaggìe 2014 (Grechetto, Gewürztraminer, Muscat).

Vini Bissoni (Bertinoro, FC)

From the moment we make a turn onto the dirt road leading to Raffaella Bissoni’s vineyard, we are greeted on the horizon by Bertinoro and by a gentle breeze from the Adriatic Sea, whose influence on the climate of these hills nurtures a thousand-year old wine-making tradition. The vineyard is beautiful and thriving; and as soon as we meet Raffaella herself with her lovely German Shepherd, we understand that wine making, for Raffaella, is all about love of the land.

This love finds expression through her hard work and mindfulness of the environment. Her wine is organic certified since the 2016 harvest, but her vineyard and cellar have been informed by the respect for the ecosystem and restitution of its resources since she founded the Azienda almost 30 years ago.

On her vineyard, we only find the typical grape varieties of Sangiovese and Albana, their flavours enriched by the limestone soil rich in fossil shells, and by the ecosystem flourishing under the vines. Wine making, in the hills around Bertinoro, dates back to Roman times, and Raffaella is well aware of her role in this heritage and terroir, and her responsibility towards past and future generations. In her own words, she is aware of being only a guest on this land.

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